The Wedding Crashers are a professional piano and drums duo from the West Midlands, consisting of Joe Stafford on piano/lead vocals and Jayme Tovey on drums/backing vocals.

As the name suggests we perform a full showcase of live music entertainment for weddings and also parties, corporate events, charity functions, bars and clubs throughout the UK, Europe and even further afield. We are regular performers at the prestigious ‘Jam House’ in Birmingham, endorsed by Jools Holland.

We have a large repertoire of music, performing songs from the sixties through to the current day and have been working together for over 20 years. During this time we have tailored our performances to suit all age groups, making us an ideal choice for any occasion.

We take great pride in our customer service, responding to all enquiries within 24 hours and we deal with each and every enquiry personally to ensure all your entertainment needs are met. We are able to perform at any venue, as we are fully self-contained.

Latest Gigs


4th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

12th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 9pm

18th - The Jam House, B'ham, 9pm

18th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

21st - The Black Boy, Knowle, 2pm - CANCELLED!

25th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

26th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 9pm

27th - The Jam House, B'ham, 9pm



2nd - The Toby Jug, Kingshurst, 6pm

2nd - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

4th - Tribstock Festival, Hopton Court, 3:30pm

4th - Fizzy Moon, Leamington Spa, 9:30pm

5th - The Boat, Catherine-de-Barnes, 4:30pm

9th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

11th - Social Eats Bromsgrove, Bromsgrove RFC, 2pm

16th - The Red Lion, Witney, 6pm

16th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

24th - The Jam House, B'ham, 9pm

25th - The Jam House, B'ham, 9pm

31st - Inside The 22, Rugby, 9pm



6th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

13th - The Jam House, B'ham, 9pm

13th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

14th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 9pm

16th - The Black Boy, Knowle, 2pm

16th - DJ Quinn's, B'ham, 6:30pm

20th - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, 11pm

21st - Solihull Music Festival, Paramo Lounge, 4pm

22nd - Solihull Music Festival, TGI Fridays, 4:30pm

22nd - Fizzy Moon, Leamington Spa, 9:30pm

23rd - Solihull Music Festival, The Real Greek, 4pm

27th - The Queens Head, Stoke Pound, 9pm

30th - The Boat, Catherine-De-Barnes, 4:30pm


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