All our latest gigs are listed below! Always welcome to see us live!

7th - The Queens Head, Stoke Pound, 9pm (Duelling Pianos Xmas Special)
13th - Tom Browns, Nottingham, 9pm
18th - Jam House, B'ham, 9pm
20th - Tom Browns, Nottingham, 9pm
21st - The Farm, Solihull, 8:30pm
23rd - Fizzy Moon, Leamington Spa, 9pm
29th - Southbank Bar, Nottingham, 10pm
30th - Jam House, B'ham, 9pm
31st - The Queens Head, Stoke Pound, 8pm (tickets only)

4th - The Canal House, B'ham, 8pm
12th - Bedford Street Bar, Leamington Spa, 9:30pm
13th - Fizzy Moon, Leamington Spa, 8:30pm
14th - Keys & Kitchen, Stratford-upon-Avon, 8:30pm
18th - Jam House, B'ham, 9pm
24th - Jam House, B'ham, 8:30pm
25th - The Queens Head, Stoke Pound, 9pm
26th - Symposium, Wilmslow, 10pm

Well....another Wedding done and dusted!!! Just dropping you both a line to say "Thank You" and "Well Done"!! Wish I had another daughter/son now so I could have another bop to "Don't Stop Me Now"!! Got to be my favourite dance record (as you probably guessed!!). Sorry if I burbled on a bit at the end of the evening (Emily said I did!)...guess it just might have been the Guiness effect!! It really was (another) great night, and everyone loved your music - doubt not, we will all sing your praises to family and friends in future..and who knows, perhaps when my 70th birthday comes round (2021!!) I will be able to book you for my shindig then!! Best wishes from all the Markhams (& Partridges) to you for the future!

Steve & Cécile Markham